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Don't want to stop me!

I didn't draw recently, because in watching the World Cup.

Italy and Uruguay competition let me sad...... Italian team failed to qualify ......
And this is Pirlo last time to participate in the world cup......

I felt an indescribable ......



Pirlo, you are the best DMC! Thank you for your efforts on the pitch! Thank you for your wonderful performance so far!You tried. Even though left a regret, you are still a best!

The Witcher 3 is awesome!I can't wait to play this game!
I hope to see more news about The witcher 3 in The Electronic Entertainment Expo!
I am not confident of their own, whether it is painting or English, but I often see people on my gentle encouragement and appreciation.
These so I am very touched, thank you!
Many people have asked me, "why don't you make digital art?"


I like painting on paper, that made me feel very relaxed and happy

The most important is...... Digital than traditional more easily let me tired.

Okay, well, actually all is my excuse ~
I just lazy!_(:3」∠)_
My HP laptop have color problem...... Just now, I found that the fan is broken!

The disaster!
A pleasant day.